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šŸ§ Roulette Strategy. Play Only Split or Straight Numbers šŸ§ 

Hello guys, our manager and the founder and CEO of roulette how to win calm. Now I think that for many months I didn’t showing you something about, let and something that you might have to understand when we talk about gambling exactly correctly to the to the roulette. So now all the bats are correct. When we talk about roulette, not only not all the bets are good for playing professionally. Let me explain you what I mean, as you can see here, we have the table, so this is the most important thing in red. The table numbers from 0 to 36 outside bets means this one even pair big small.

Doesn’T this is the extern betting all right on all these external betting? You cash, you double your money on dozens, you triple your money, but these beds are external bets. So this is not good for professional gamblers. Now, of course, when you start to play professional who let you start with some strategies found it on the Internet, red black, odd, even high glow and so on. But you need to not stop at what you find the first videos from YouTube with strategies, because external batting’s is not good and professional gamblers. They are not playing external bets.

Now there are in BET’s inside the table bats, which now to my level, I don’t play anymore now these kind of bats means streets, so this one a street. This is not something you play when you are professional like me now another bad which is not allowed to play when you’re a professional gambler is corners, so it is side bet buddies corners. So these two bets you see here when will become a real, real, real rule, red professional gambler. You don’t play anymore, these kind of bets, so this one this one, this one and this one you don’t play anymore, these external bats and these two inside bats all right. Remember that this kind of batting’s, you are not allowed to play when you are a red professional, gambler, all the rest of the systems you can play and there are two system which you can play or three there are split. So we cancel everything.

So we split playing splits or playing straight number. These two things is the only important thing when you are playing on roulette, so if you have played in the past external bats or corner bats or street bats forget about it, this is not good. When you are a professional gambler now inside members area, once you buy one of my programs, you will understand how to play correctly and we will focus only on these two types of betting. The most importantly strike number here we make money because playing in straight numbers. We win 36 times much more money. We are not concerned about making 9 euros or 12 euros or, as I told you, 12 euros or 2 euros.

This is not for us. We are professional, real gamblers and we play professionally and when you are playing professionally only two bets, it’s important strike, number or split numbers. Now you have learned something which I don’t tell to nobody, but now you know something, and maybe you can closely find the way in which you become a black professional gambler. With my help, you save minimum 5 years of training. If you pay my DVD 5000 euro, if you go on your own to start, you read, it were taking you more than 5 years to play professionally Hulett.

I know that because I’ve invested more than 5 years till I get professional gambler and I studied roulette every night and every day for 5 years, as I told you, I was having tons of money because I was selling luxury, perfumes and luxury clothes. So I was having to 300 400 euros per day every day for 5 years to play a roulette to understand roulette now for you. If you are playing at the left – and you have only one two hours three hours maximum per day to study roulette, it will taking you 10 years to beat red. Let me helping you save some money. When you have five thousand, you will contact me and let me giving you my DVD five thousand euro, because it’s the only way faster, easy and 100 % guaranteed that you were gon na win at Roulette. Watch my previous tutorials and you will see tons of strategies which I post on YouTube.

You were gon na see my accounts. I am millionaire at the age of 30 and I know what I’m talking up when I’m talking when I’m talking about, because I know this game as my hands. Remember that this is only the two types of betting’s we are focused when we are roulette professional gamblers. All the rest of the strategies are useless when you are red, professional gamblers, external bets streets and corners.

This is not for us. This is for newbie for regular guys who doesn’t know how to play professionally. We, the professional roulette numbers we play or the straight numbers or the split numbers. Good luck now you know something common side, members area and change your life forever change. Your life is the only way with my DVD, in which you can understand and do exactly as I teach you good luck and we talk inside members area.