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Imposters Will Not Come

It seems that several of the big wigs behind the many online gambling companies that are no longer located in the United States have not traveled there since the passing of the Unlawful Internet Enforcement Act. They say that with the passing of the UIGEA and the subsequent arrests of people like David Carruthers of BetonSports and Peter Dicks of SportingBet, they don’t want to take the chance of being arrested.

It would seem to be a very real concern considering the fact that many of their colleagues have ended up on a list of people that the government would like to see behind bars. So real is their concern that they started trying to think up ways to find out if there really was a list and if their name was on it.

Some of the online gambling companies have kicked around the thought that they could send in an imposter with the same name so that they could see how they were treated. They simply located a man with the same name and were all set to send them off when they realized that the person might actually be detained for something they did not do.

They considered sending in an imposter with the same name of Calvin Ayre the man behind BodogLife but the fact of the matter is that someone has to actually have that name. They found someone, only it turned out to be a five year old boy hence the idea was scrapped.

But it does bring up an interesting point. What if they were to go back? Would the online gambling operators be snatched up by our government for crimes against the country? Guess we will have to wait to see as no one seems willing to test the waters just yet.

It seems that online gambling and wagering has begun to hurt the horse racing industry. There are plenty of places where you can go to place a bet online for your favorite horse or for any other kind of sport that you enjoy betting on. When you are looking at the offshore gambling that is now going on, especially in a place like Costa Rica, the numbers get extremely high.

There are more than 200 online gambling enterprises located in Costa Rica, and many of their clients come from the United States. The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act has done little to curb the kind of online gambling that goes on in Costa Rica, especially since they don’t really go against the horseracing wagers.

The US government might not be happy about the amount of money flowing out in regards to online gambling, but the Costa Rican government is doing everything in their power to keep it just the way it is. Not only do they not care, but they make it very easy by charging low fees and encouraging people to move here to start online gambling sites.

It can cost you anywhere from $250,000 on up to open an online gambling site, but in Costa Rica you can get one for less than $10,000. The amount of money being wagered in Costa Rica is easily in the billions, and the New York Racing Association says that they have lost more than $50 million in annual handle when relationships were severed a few years ago.

The horses need the money that they have lost to Costa Rica, and those millions could help with purses and with upkeep. Not to mention the fact that the owners and handlers wouldn’t mind a larger slice of the pie as well.