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Basic Rules for Poker Games

This is a game that we’re going to introduce to everyone. This is one that I’ve never seen anywhere else. We only play this one in the home game that we have at our house and it’s called Bon Appetite and it’s a variation of Seven Card Stud. It’s a high low split with the opportunity at the end of the hand or towards the end of the hand to shock a card and get a new card to try to make your hand even better or to even try to make a hand.

So let’s see how this game is dealt out and played out in its entirety. We’ve went ahead and dealt out the game. Players had three cards down, four cards face up just like regular Seven Stud. Now you’ve got to remember this is a high low split so each player is either going for a high hand or a low hand. Now all the betting is over and this is where the shock actually comes into play.

The player here to the left of the dealer will say yes I would like to shock a card and they play a determined amount by the house and they actually get a free card. In that case he traded a ten for a ten. If the player chooses to shock a card from the cards face up then the card comes face up.

If they choose to shock a card from the three cards down then the card comes to them down. Once everybody has shocked a card, you now have to declare and to declare what you do is you take three chips from your stack, one, two, three, and you put them in your hand and put them under the table and when you come back up on the table you’re either going to have zero chips in your hand for going low, one chip in your hand for going high, or two chips in your hand for going both ways. Now the trick with going both ways is you have to win both ways.

If you get beat or either ties on going both ways then you lose it all. You do not win anything. So in this case, it looks like this person might be going low.

They would come up with no chips in their hand. Now the players that come up with going low or the players that come up with going high, they’re going against each other to see who has either the better low hand or the better high hand. Once those are determined, the pot is split between the high and the low hand and the winners are given the money and that’s how Bon Appetite is played.